Oct. 7: Problems and potential at Sears


For decades now, the empty Sears has symbolized neglect of North Main Street.

In the minds of many neighbors one empty building, the abandoned former Sears department store, is both the leading cause and major consequence of North Main’s problems. Yet, big as it is, this property is just one corner of a vast swath of unused and under-used land and buildings that includes the former Shaws Plaza and abandoned buildings all the way to and across the Pawtucket City Line.

Please join us on Tuesday, Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. at the offices of Jewish Family Services, 959 North Main Street, for a presentation and discussion on the problems holding this area back and the potential for breaking the development deadlock. Planning consultant Jonathan Harris will lay out the key facts from his base plan study and review his discussions with key stakeholders and interested parties, including the three major property owners, the cities of Providence and Pawtucket, Rhode Island Housing and RIPTA.

You don’t have to live or do business near this end of North Main to have a stake in reviving this dormant district. Done right, redevelopment here can meet urgent needs for employment, housing, improved transit and an expanded tax base. Please join the conversation.

We meet at Jewish Family Services

We meet at Jewish Family Services


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