The North Main Street Project is a community-led effort to unlock the potential of the North Main Street corridor in Providence, RI, as a great urban street. The Summit Neighborhood Association has financial responsibility for the Project. The Project steering committee represents the Summit Neighborhood Association, the Mt. Hope Neighborhood Associations as well as Miriam Hospital

Our goals, established through a year of dialog with residents, business owners and property owners as well as the City of Providence Providence Tomorrow neighborhood charettes in late 2007 center on ways to make this urban corridor a great asset to our two neighborhoods of Mt. Hope and Summit as well as a major contributor to the critical needs of our city as a whole: for new employment and business opportunity, for workforce housing, for an expanded tax base, for more diverse transit options.

The members of the North Main Street Project steering group (as of August, 2008):

North Main Steering group

Aaron Masri, resident, Summit Neighborhood Association Board
Eric Army, resident
Greg Gerritt, resident, Summit Neighborhood Association Board
Jim Kelley, resident, Summit Neighborhood Association Board

Drs. Frank Dellasandro and Fred Liddle, business owners: Agape Urgent Visit

Jordan Durham, resident
Marcus Mitchell, resident
Monica Anderson, The Miriam Hospital
Peter Case, architect
Peter Kammerer, business – The Sandwich Hut
Ray Watson, Mt. Hope Neighborhood Association
Roger Giraud, resident

Financial support

The Summit Neighborhood Association has received substantial financial support for North Main Project outreach, publicity and professional services expenses from:

  • The Miriam Hospital
  • Rhode Island House of Representatives, courtesty Rep. Gordon Fox
  • Rhode Island Senate, courtesy Sen. Rhoda Perry
  • City of Providence, courtesy Councilman Kevin Jackson


2 Responses

  1. Hi – I’m not sure who I should contact with regard to advertising with the Summit, but I represent East Side Urgent Care and Agape Medical newly located on North Main Street. Is there any way to get an insert announcing our arrive to North Main Street and the services we offer in the Summit? Thank you for your help with this matter. Please feel free to call me at 401-369-0301.
    Thank you,
    Leslie Peck
    Peck Marketing

  2. Just an FYI that Providence & Beyond is holding a learning cafe on transit this Thursday, 12/11, 8.30 – 11.30 am at New Commons – 56 Pine St, Prov.

    Our panel will be Garry Bliss and Thom Deller.

    Your steering committee member Greg Gerritt was on the panel at our last learning cafe on food. Check with him for a 1st-hand account of what we do.

    If someone from NMS would like to attend, please email me at speck22 [at] gmail [dot] com. Or check out the P&B website:


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