This page has links to major planning and study documents pertaining to North Main.

NMS Base Plan 2008

In early 2008, our consultant (and neighbor) Jonathan Harris conducted a complete inventory of properties in our project area between Branch Avenue and the Pawtucket city line. This “base plan” is available here in three parts.

Part I: North Main Existing Conditions includes a key map and three sectional detail maps with lot number, street address and photos for each site. The color coding indicates tax status with vacant properties indicated in green outline. The map is also shaded to show the footprint of each building within the site.

Part II: Ownership and Values is a table showing the listed owner and valuation for each lot from current Providence tax records.

Part III: Values per square foot and parking supply is a map showing each site’s dollar value per square foot (based on tax valuation and lot area) and net of parking spaces over or under zoned parking requirements.

Sears site and Shaws Plaza Base Plan 2008

In the summer of 2008 consultant Jonathan Harris did a more detailed base plan of the northern end of North Main above Smithfield Avenue, including an extended project area taking in the Shaw’s Plaza area just west of  and down the hill from NMS as well as adjacent areas over the city line with Pawtucket. The plan includes a an aerial overlay map and a spreadsheet of ownership, values, etc. Jonathan is now interviewing key stakeholders and will present his full findings on October 7.

Neighborhood Charette 2007

In September, 2007, the Providence Department of Planning and Development conducted a weeklong series of community planning workshops for the three neighborhoods of Mt. Hope, Hope and Blackstone (the unofficial area called “Summit” includes all of Hope and parts of Mt. Hope and Blackstone). Two sessions, facilitated by Steve Cecil of The Cecil Group, looked at North Main Street, during which Steve created a sketch of connections and focus areas along the corridor and a more refined plan view.

The final charette document included an Action List for North Main that aligns very closely to our project goals. The final charette document released in August 2008 (large file) includes more data, maps images and narrative on North Main as well as a range of issues across three East Side neighborhoods.

Envisioned development phases, 2007

We hired Gates, Leighton and Associates in March of 2007 to help us envision how a densely developed North Main would be different from what we see today, based on input from residents, business owners and property owners. GLA produced a  Envisioning NMS Development (large file – will load slowly – please be patient). a set of maps, photos and sketches showing three levels of investment: a) public investments only in streetscaping, b) public investment plus smaller private investments on single properties, and c) public investment plus major land developments on combined parcels. These sketches were presented at the Neighborhood Charette session on North Main in Sept. 2007.

URI Design Study 2006

Under the guidance of Deputy Planner Bonnie Nickerson of Providence DPD, urban planning students at the University of Rhode Island conducted a study and draft design guide for North Main Street. Part I shows current conditions. Part II P lays out design guidelines. Part III, with conclusions and appendices, is not available.


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